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Cultural Discovery Summer Experience
The World Chess Academy (WCA) would like to thank Kris Xaypangna, a Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation director, for letting us participate in the Cultural Discovery Summer Experience held at Shamrock Gardens Elementary School in Charlotte, N.C. from June 20 to July 29, 2005. The Summer Experience is a day camp designed to enrich cultural heritage and create cultural awareness among the youth. The participants experience a fun-filled multi-cultural program through music, dance, food, sport, field trips, and wellness activities.

The WCA is proud to be a part of these activities. We help bridge the multi-cultural gap among the six to twelve year old youth by bringing them together in an exciting chess learning environment. Not only do we teach the youth how to play chess, but we also teach chess etiquette, show chess movies such as "Searching for Bobby Fischer," provide each of the youth with a free 84 page booklet on Beginner Chess Lessons by A.J. Goldsby I, and much more.

Select pictures to view youth learning chess. Dan Thomasson from the WCA is their chess instructor. Notice the girls learning chess out-number the boys three to one.

WCA 1st Annual Chess Tournament
Well the results are finally in for the WCA 1st Annual Chess Tournament held at Carole A. Hoefener Community Services Center on December 11, 2004. First place goes to Dan Thomasson with a 5-0 sweep. William Kratt from Gastonia took second place with a solid 4-1 performance, while third place was decided by a playoff game between Phillip Van Every and Fran Palmer who both had a 3-2 score. Fran produced the final knockout blow by defeating Phillip in the playoff. Each of the winners received a very nice trophy.

The WCA would like to thank Joe Kelly for officiating the tournament as our TD (Tournament Director). Overall, the tournament was a huge success with over 50 participants, visitors, and/or viewers that attended throughout the day. Special thanks goes to Expert Ken Ashkin for stopping by the tournament to donate some excellent chess books for our Academy library.

News Article
Justin Vick, a staff writer for the Charlotte Observer, wrote an article about the World Chess Academy called "Chess academy hopes to bring world to Charlotte." The article was published in the December 8, 2004 "Mecklenburg Neighbors" section of the Charlotte Observer's paper. The article can also be read online by selecting the blue highlighted title.

Life-Master Lessons
Life-Master A.J. Goldsby I from Florida has signed on with the WCA to write a monthly chess column. He said: "There will be lots of tips, general advice, links, etc. The emphasis will be on targeting the average player and improvement, I will also try to make it fun. I might do a little bit of everything, and also possibly cycle through all the phases of the game ... opening, middle-game, and endgame."

He has also allowed the WCA to share a copy of his excellent "Beginners Chess Course" that can soon be downloaded from our Website for an extremely low donation fee of $5.00. The course material is just over 80 pages in a PDF format and covers everything a beginner must know to play his or her first game of chess.

Grand Opening
The Grand Opening of the World Chess Academy was October 7, 2004 at Spirit Square (BB&T Room), 345 North College Street, Charlotte, NC. WSOC Channel 9 News interviewed Dan Thomasson and took pictures of the WCA Banner and chess activities inside the classroom. They broadcasted the interview that same night on the 11:00 News. A news announcement about the WCA opening was also listed in the online WCNC Events Calendar for October 7.

New Locations
Carole A. Hoefener Community Services Center/First Ward Recreation Center will be opening their doors in November to the WCA. Not only will WCA be able to provide chess instruction for home-schooled children and senior adults at the center, we will also be able to host chess tournaments in cooperation with the local area chess clubs.

Weeks in advance, WCA members handed out advertisement flyers about the WCA October opening. Also, a WCA ad was included on the back cover of the Renaissance bulletin. Renaissance is a professional choral group that provides high quality performances of serious choral literature to the Charlotte area and beyond. The same ad was published in the November, 2004 MENSA news letter.

The First Ward Recreation Center sent out a news release about the upcoming classes being taught by the WCA at their center. Check out our new WCA ad. last modified on 08/17/2009