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Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

Academic Chess
A wonderful chess site where kids can learn and play chess.

Chess Games
Live coverage of many events, contains a multitude of chess games, and is available in a wide variety of selectible viewers. Ask questions about a specific game, and receive responses. You can even kibitz on your favorite game. The commentary to the games often includes valuable advice and links. A few of the games have been annotated by well-known authors such as R. Keene. See his 2004 Kramnik-Leko World Championship Match notes. Join this site for free, or pay to be a premier member.

The most comprehensive database of chess games anywhere. You can download the games in PGN format to view in Fritz, Crafty, other chess playing engines, or chess viewers. Quick game analysis, or opening move studies, can be easily done via the online database at

Chess Victory
Chad Kimball presents a free 9 part email course on "Openings and End Game Strategies." Go to his website and sign up for these free lessons to help strengthen your analytical skills and chess prowess. Within these courses, you will get a real feel on how to position and play your pawns from the beginning of the opening to the final stages of the end game.

Grandmaster Chess
Thousands of chess games from current and former chess champions can be accessed in PGN format.

Life Master A.J. Goldsby I
Listings of popular chess sites, personal chess sites (with excellent chess articles, analysis, and lessons), and several famous chess games played by the greatest players throughout history.

The Internet Chess Club
Enormous list of Chess Clubs, Rules of Chess, Events, Articles, and additional links.

The Knight's Tour
The Knight's Tour web site, by Dan Thomasson, shows various ways to solve open and closed knight tours. The site also offers several animated tours, artwork, and new concepts (magic squares, tessellations, and conjectures about prime numbers) derived from knight moves on a chessboard.

Total Chess Academy
Descriptive chess lessons from GM Gabriel Schwartzman. Excellent instruction.

World Chess Live
A new family-friendly online chess service. They provide an online chess community for novice, intermediate, and recreational chess players. last modified on 03/30/2011